Long Term Plant Support

Any plant you get from Ephemera Terrariums comes with access to our teams wealth of experience to help you. We will teach you how to care for your plant and will be there to answer any questions you have after you’ve gotten your plant home. Wondering why your plant is looking sad? Forget how much to water? Wondering if your plants getting enough light? Just email some photo’s to ephemerafw@gmail.com and we’ll help you turn things around!

And don’t take it too hard if your plant passes away. Sometimes plants just don’t make it. It happens to all of us. Just bring your Terrarium back in and as long as your layers are still intact, we can put in fresh plants for just the cost of the plants, giving you a nice fresh start. Plant care gets easier with experience, so just get right back to it!

If you have already made a Terrarium with us, you can find our care guides below. Style of care is based on what kind of plant you used or style of Terrarium you made. If your unsure of what kind of Terrarium or plants you have, or have any plant care questions not addressed below, contact us HERE. Please include some pictures of your plants and Terrarium!

Highlight Terrarium



Lowlight Terrarium


Closed Terrarium


Airplant Terrarium